The Movements of Yang Style Taijiquan The 24 Forms
(Beijin Dong Zhang Taijiquan Research Group)


Chinese Name Meaning and Contents
1.qishi Commencing Form
2.zuo you yema fenzong Part Wild Horse's Mane on Both Sides
3.baihe liangchi White Crane Flashes Its Wings
4.zuo you louxi aobu Brush Knee on Both Sides
5.shouhui pipa Strum the Lute
6.zuo you daojuangong Curve Back Arms on Both Sides
7.zuo lanquewei Grasp the Bird's Tail-left Style lanquewei Grasp the Bird's Tail-Right Style/TD>
9.danbian Single Whip
10.yunshou Wave hands Like Clouds-Left Style
11.danbian Single Whip
12.gaotanma High Pat on Horse dengjiao Kick with Right Heel
14.shuangfeng guaner Strike Opponent's Ears with Both Fists
15.zhuanshen zuo dengjiao Turn and Kick with Left Heel
16.zuo xiashiduli Push Down and Stand on one Leg-Left Style xiashiduli Push Down and Stand on one Leg-Right Style
18.zuoyou chuansuo Work at Shuttles on Both Sides
19.haidizhen Needle at Sea Bottom
20.shantongbei Flash Arm
21.zhuanshen banlanzhui Turn to Deflect Downward, Patty and Punch
22.liufengsibi Apparent Close-up
23.shizishou Cross Hands
24.shoushi Closing Form