The Movements of Yang Style Taijiquan The 48 Forms
Directed in 1981 


Chinese Name Meaning and Contents
qishi Commencing Form
Di Yiduan First Section
1.baihe liangchi White Crane Flashes Its Wings
2.zuo louxi aobu Brush Knee - Left Style
3.zuo danbian Single Whip-Left Style
4.zuo pipashi Strum the Lute-Left Style
5.liujishi Roll Back and Press Posture
6.zuo banlanchui Deflict, Parry and Punch-Left Style
7.zuo peng lui ji an Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push-Left Style
Di Erduan Second Section
8.xieshenkao Lean on a Diagonal
9.zhoudichui Fist Under Elbow
10.daojuangong Reverse Reeling Forearm
11.zhuanshen tuizhang Turn Body and Thrust Palm pipashi Strum the Lute-Right Style
13.louxi zaichui Brush Knee and Punch Down
Di Sanduan Third Section
14.baisha tuxin White Snake Spits Poison
15.paijiao fuhu Slap Foot and Tame the Tiger
16.zuo pieshenchui Diagonal Back Fist-Left Style
17.chuanquan xiashi Piercing Fist and Lower Body
18.duli chenzhang Stabd on One Leg and Prop Up Palm danbian Single Whip-Right Style
Di Siduan Fourth Section yunshou Wave Hands Like Clouds-Right Style
21.zuo you fenzong Part Wild Horse's Mane-Left and Right
22.gaotanma High Pat on Horse dengjiao Heel Kick- Right Style
24.shuangfeng guaner Strike to Ears with Both Fists
25.zuo dengjiao Heel Kick -Left Style
26.yanshou liaoquan Cover Hands and Strike with Fist
27.haidizhen Needle at Sea Bottom
28.shantongbei Flash Arm
Di Wuduan Fifth Section
29.zuo you fenjiao Toe Kick-Right and Left
30.louxi aobu Brush Knee-Left and Right
31.shangbu qinda Step Forward, Grab and Punch
32.liufeng sibi Apparent Close-up
33.zuo yunshou Wave Hands Like Clouds-Left Style pieshenchui Diagonal Back Fist-Right Style
35.zuo you chuansuo Work at Shuttles -Left and Right
36.tuibu chuanzhang Step Back and Spear Palm
Di Luduan Sixth Section
37.xubu yazhang Insubstential Stance and Press Palm Down
38.duli tuozhang Stand on One Leg and Left Palm
39.mabu kao Lean in Horse Stance
40.zhuanshen dalui Turn Body and Large Roll Back
41.liaozhang xiashi Scoop Palm and Lower Body
42.shangbu qixing Step Forward and Cross Punch
43.duli kuahu Stand on One Leg and Ride the Tiger
44.zhuanshen bailian Turn Body and Sweep Lotus
45.wangong shehu Pull the Bow and Shoot the Tiger banlanchui Deflect, Patty and Punch-Right Style peng lui ji an Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push-Right Style
48.shizishou Cross Hands
shoushi Closing Form